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Undergraduate Petitions

Exceptions to Undergraduate Academic Policy are granted only in rare instances. This is not because the university is unfeeling toward individual needs, but because it cares about the integrity of its academic standards and believes that by maintaining that integrity, the university ultimately provides a greater service to the entire community.

Petition Deadline button

Spring 2018 Semester
January 15, 2018

Fall 2017 Semester

Summer/Winter Sessions
Ends two weeks prior to the start of the session.
[ Only considered in exceptional cases with advisor recommendation due to fast pace and high risk ]

Course Repeat button

Requests to repeat a class for a third and final attempt at UMBC or elsewhere

Late Add buttonRequests to register for a course after the end of the schedule adjustment period

Grading Method button

Requests to change the grading method after the published deadline

Graduation Requirements

Requests to waive graduation requirements and/or change the General Education Program type

Non-applicable Semester

Requests to declare a particular single semester as non-applicable

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