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Whom Do I Contact?


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Student Complaint Resolution

  • UMBC strives to provide students a positive academic experience by creating a collegial environment in which questions/concerns may be resolved internally in a fair and timely manner.

Academic Success Center
Sherman Hall B-Wing Room 354

  • Course Repeat Petitions (Requests for a third and final attempt in a class)
  • Late-Add Petitions (Requests to add a course after the published deadline)
  • Grading Method Petitions (Requests to change the grading method after the published deadline)
  • Petitions to waive graduation requirements and/or change the General Education Program specified upon admission
  • Non-applicable Semester Petitions
  • Admission to UMBC with prior misconduct (Interviews)
  • Undergraduate Academic Policy Questions (e.g., Arbitrary & Capricious Grading)

Office of Enrollment Management
Library Pondside

  • Exception to Enrollment Petitions
    • Late drop without a “W” notation
    • Late withdrawal with a “W” notation
    • Cancellation of entire term without a “W” notation
    • Withdrawal from the entire term with a “W” notation

Office for Academic &
Pre-Professional Advising

Sherman Hall B-Wing 2nd Floor

  • General academic advising for undecided students
  • Academic advising for pre-nursing students, pre-pharmacy, pre-PT, pre-dental hygiene, and other “allied health” fields
  • Excess credit requests
  • Academic warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal policy
  • Reinstatement application support (form available from Office of Admissions)
  • Requests to convert to General Education Program (GEP) from General Foundation Requirements (GFR)
  • Evaluation of eligibility for returning students to use pre-GEP general education rules

Registrar’s Office
Sherman Hall B-Wing 2nd Floor

  • Academic Clemency
  • Verification of transferabilty (VOT) form
  • Class time conflict form
  • Declaration/Change of major form
  • Enrollment and/or graduation verification letter requests
  • Evaluation of transfer credit/course description reviews
  • Appeals for in-state residency status
  • Forms relating to military veteran certification

Student Business Services
Administration Building
3rd Floor

  • Financial holds that are preventing registration
  • Student billing inquiries
  • Student refund inquiries

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Library Pondside

  • Grant and/or loan options
  • Financial aid impact for dropping classes or withdrawing completely (aid may be recalculated)
  • Assistance with financial aid options
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress reviews and appeals