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Whom Do I Contact?


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Student Complaint Resolution

  • UMBC strives to provide students a positive academic experience by creating a collegial environment in which questions/concerns may be resolved internally in a fair and timely manner.

Academic Standards and
Policy Administration

Sherman Hall B-Wing Room 356

  • Course Repeat Petitions (Requests for a third and final attempt in a class)
  • Late-Add Petitions (Requests to add a course after the published deadline)
  • Grading Method Petitions (Requests to change the grading method after the published deadline)
  • Petitions to waive graduation requirements and/or change the General Education Program specified upon admission
  • Non-applicable Semester Petitions
  • Admission to UMBC with prior misconduct (Interviews)
  • Undergraduate Academic Policy Questions (e.g., Arbitrary & Capricious Grading)
  • Questions regarding grade change forms that require the Dean’s signature (Post degree, in absence of original course instructor, more than one year after grade posting deadline)

Office of Enrollment Management
Library Pondside

  • Exception to Enrollment Petitions
    • Late drop without a “W” notation
    • Late withdrawal with a “W” notation
    • Cancellation of entire term without a “W” notation
    • Withdrawal from the entire term with a “W” notation

Office for Academic &
Pre-Professional Advising

Sherman Hall B-Wing 2nd Floor

  • General academic advising for undecided students
  • Academic advising for pre-nursing students, pre-pharmacy, pre-PT, pre-dental hygiene, and other “allied health” fields
  • Excess credit requests
  • Academic warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal policy
  • Reinstatement application support (form available from Office of Admissions)
  • Requests to convert to General Education Program (GEP) from General Foundation Requirements (GFR)
  • Evaluation of eligibility for returning students to use pre-GEP general education rules

Registrar’s Office
Sherman Hall B-Wing 2nd Floor

  • Academic Clemency
  • Verification of transferabilty (VOT) form
  • Class time conflict form
  • Declaration/Change of major form
  • Enrollment and/or graduation verification letter requests
  • Evaluation of transfer credit/course description reviews
  • Appeals for in-state residency status
  • Forms relating to military veteran certification

Student Business Services
Administration Building
3rd Floor

  • Financial holds that are preventing registration
  • Student billing inquiries
  • Student refund inquiries

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Library Pondside

  • Grant and/or loan options
  • Financial aid impact for dropping classes or withdrawing completely (aid may be recalculated)
  • Assistance with financial aid options
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress reviews and appeals